Chifley Dam Load Monitoring

Project Overview

Fortec was engaged to complete the load monitoring for 22 anchors within the Spillway chute of Ben Chifley Dam, The Lagoon.

This concrete gravity dam stands at a height of 34 metres and spans 455 metres in length.

In 1999, the installation involved 25 re-stressable ground anchor cables, with 22 positioned in the spilway chute and 3 in the ogee spillway.

Fast Facts

  • CLIENTWater Corporation
  • LOCATIONSouth West, WA

Scope of Works

  • Fortec utilised a 20T all-terrain crane for the installation of the working platform and load cell
  • Anchor monitoring was essential to verify the residual force within the anchors, conducted as part of the required periodic checks for Dam safety, scheduled every ten years
  • The assessment covered 22 permanent anchors, compromising 12×38 strands and 10×48 strands

Key Points of Interest

  • The project faced challenges, particularly in removing the anchor cover plate due to over-tightened screws from prior work
  • The installation and removal of access platforms demanded a team with extensive expertise in working at heights and rigging
  • All tasks were executed internally by Fortec