What we do

What we do

We specialise in providing fit-for-purpose, innovative and value for money construction, engineering and geotechnical services.

One of our primary aims is to provide technical advice and designs which benefit the client both practically and economically. Early engagement on projects enables our clients to harness engineering and construction know-how and innovative ideas, to ensure better outcomes.

We offer a range of alternative construction techniques aimed at optimising solutions for our clients’ requirements within budge, while considering the risks, project constraints and delivery environment.

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Our services

In-house engineering and project management provide the following core capabilities.

Sectors we service

We focus on market sectors where we have core and proven strengths as demonstrated by our track record. These sectors include infrastructure, resources and building.




How we work

We have extensive knowledge and experience in specialist construction, and we understand our clients’ need to attain a quality, cost effective and timely solution to meet their project requirements.

With over 30 years’ experience in the provision of specialist engineering services and a range of both general and specialist skills, we can provide a comprehensive range of products and services from concept through to design and construction.

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