Fortec has extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of post-tensioning works.

Our MK4 post tensioning components is TfNSW approved and have been designed and tested in accordance with the European code ETAG-013, thus we deliver world class technologies and systems to every market we service.

Types of Post-Tensioning

The services we offer include the following post-tensioning systems:

  • Multi-strand post-tensioning: Our MK4 post-tensioning system is used in buildings, tanks, bridges and many other structures within Australia and the world
  • Flat slab post-tensioning:  Our post-tensioned slab system  is predominately used for building structures and industrial pavements
  • External post-tensioning: External PT is mostly used in strengthening existing structures or for replacement applications where previous designs do not meet updated standards
  • Bar post-tensioning: Our high tensile threaded bar system is suitable for a range of applications including shorter post-tensioning tendons, strengthening works, soil nails and micropiles

Post-Tension Slabs

The primary advantages of post-tensioned floors over conventional reinforced concrete in situ floors include increased clear spans, thinner slabs, reduced deflections and cracking, and significant reductions in the amount of conventional reinforcement.

Fortec’s knowledgeable project management and delivery teams can provide the following services:

  • Technical assistance in all the phases of the project; from the design to the final execution
  • Installation of post-tensioning only services where design input is not required
  • Design and construct building design packages
  • Study of alternative design or construction method as an improvement for the optimum solution for every project


Post-tensioning is used in a wide range of building types:

  • Residential buildings
  • Car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • High rise construction
  • Industrial pavements
  • Stadiums

Tank & Silo Construction

Construction of storage tanks and silos is ideally performed using post-tensioned concrete.

Fortec can use a technical expertise in the design and construction of:

  • Insitu and precast post tensioned water tanks
  • Post tensioned silos
  • Slipform construction

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