Chinchen Street Bridge

Project Overview

Fortec was commissioned by the City of Newcastle Council to facilitate access and pressure wash the Chinchen St Bridge.

The primary objective of this undertaking was to evaluate the bridge’s current condition and outline any necessary repair work.

Fortec used a suspended scaffolding system in order to undertake the evaluation and pressure wash and following the completion of the pressure wash on the bridge, the Council’s Engineering team conducted a visual assessment and outlined the requirements for
repair work.

Fast Facts

  • CLIENTCity of Newcastle
  • LOCATIONNewcastle, NSW

Scope of Works

Fortec was subsequently contracted to carry out an additional scope of work, including:

  • The repair of concrete on the bridge girders, abutment wall, and deck unit
  • The repair process encompassed the removal of deteriorated concrete, corrosion protection of rebar, and the reinstatement with a high-strength mortar
  • Additionally, HDG steel plates were affixed over the concrete patches at critical locations


  • Suspended Scaffold System
  • Concrete Repair
  • HDG Steel Plate