Davis Street Underpass 9098

Project Overview

Fortec was contracted by Tonkin Gap Alliance to carry out the temporary foundation improvement of the abutment of an existing underpass.

Temporary work had allowed TGA to pursue the scope of work with the amendment of the existing abutments to near vertical to enable widening of the Underpass 9098 under Great Easter Highway.

Due to the restricted access, works were meticulously performed with specialised Fortec owned equipment. The application of Fortec’s Commachio MC4D has proved the versatility and maneuverability of this functional tight access drilling rig.

Fast Facts

  • CLIENTTonkin Gap Alliance

Scope of Works

  • Installation of grout block under existing abutment
  • Installation of temporary soil nails
  • Supply and install of soil nail bearing plates


  • Scope of work performed in a low head room environment
  • 156 m3 grout block
  • 24 temporary soil nails
  • Compliant with TGA specifications