Exit 41 Pacific Motorway

Project Overview

Fortec was contracted by Ertech to carry out the installation and testing of temporary and permanent soil nails and supply, placement and finishing of shotcrete to amend existing abutments to near vertical to enable widening of Pacific Motorway for future off ramps/new works.

Works were carried out along the existing Pacific Motorway shoulder and required specialised Fortec owned equipment due to the restricted working room and installation of works at height.

Fast Facts

  • CLIENTErtech

Scope of Works

  • Installation and testing of sacrificial soil nails
  • Installation of temporary soil nails
  • Installation of permanent anchors
  • Load testing/stressing for Compliance
  • Supply, install and finishing of shotcrete
  • Supply and installation of drainage swale to top of shotcrete wall

Due to the unique project requirements. Testing of soil nails were required to meet TMR and TfNSW specifications.


  • 250m2 of 345mm thick shotcrete walls, up to 4.5m high
  • 95 Permanent Soil Nails and 17 temporary soil nails
  • Testing and compliance to TMR and TfNSW Specifications