Geraldton Port Wharf 4 Upgrade

Project Overview

Fortec was engaged by the Mid-West Port Authority in the upgrade of Wharf 4 at Geraldton Port, mainly funded by the State Government.

Fortec completed the strengthening of both the top and soffit under decks, along with the ship loader rail replacement.

This project encompassed the removal of an existing concrete topping slab and encapsulate the remainder of the deck slab with new reinforced concrete to the underside, the top and the sides, creating an upgraded concrete deck fit for purpose with increased durability.

Fast Facts

  • CLIENTMid-West Port Authority
  • LOCATIONGeraldton, WA

Scope of Works

The scope of works further included:

  • Replacement of 311m of rails to the ship loader
  • Upgrade of 4 ship mooring bollards to the capacity of 125T
  • Installation of an ocean side walkway and other steel related upgrades

Critical to the project was the client’s requirement to keep wharf 4 operational for ship loading during all the stages of the works with minimum disruption.

Fortec developed an innovative design for suspending scaffolding to the underside of the deck structure, accommodating the restricted access under the wharf and changing tide levels. This allowed for works to continue even when submerged in the water by rising tide levels.


  • Working within a fully operation wharf
  • 1200m3 of new concrete and 320 Tonnes of reinforcement
  • 2700m2 area of wharf strengthening