Hopetoun Bridge Replacement

Project Overview

Bridge 5023 located at SLK 5.57 on Springdale Road crossing the Jerdacuttup River was a single span concrete structure that was severely damaged by flooding in 2017.

Due to the nature of the watercourse feeding into a lake system and to reopen Springdale Road, a causeway was constructed over the remains of the old bridge structure given the slow receding of the waterway.

The new bridge will be able to accommodate a higher flow and will be lifted approximately 2 to 3 meters above the original bridge construction.

Recent flooding has damaged the causeway with the need to construct a new permanent structure that will improve the serviceability of Springdale Road crossing the Jerdacuttup River and lake system.

Fast Facts

  • CLIENTMain Roads WA
  • LOCATIONHopetoun, WA

Scope of Works

  • Close Springdale Road and remove temporary steel pipe crossing and remains of the former bridge structure. The steel pipes are to be cleaned and transported to the Main Roads Ravensthorpe Depot. The pipes are to be off loaded in a location that does not hinder access within this yard.
  • Excavate to the rock foundation, construct abutments
  • Design Alternate Post Tensioned Precast Beam
  • Cast and install 18m long planks, cast concrete deck
  • Backfill and construct new approaches to the bridge
  • Install the ΒΌ tonne rock armour
  • Seal new road and install barrier