Kimberley Bridges

Project Overview

The project involved three existing single-lane bridges being replaced with dual-lane bridges over Arthur Creek, Frog Hollow Creek and Tickalara Creek on the Great Northern Highway.

The existing single-lane bridges at Arthur Creek, Frog Hollow Creek and Tickalara Creek present considerable safety hazards to motorists. From 2017 to 2021, 44 crashes were recorded within the project area.

The upgrades will result in the removal of three of the remaining 13 single-lane bridges in the Kimberley, significantly reducing the risk of crashes at each location.

The $33 million works are jointly funded by the Australian and State Governments under an 80:20 funding split with construction commencing in June 2023.

The project will complement the New Fitzroy River Bridge project, which will see a new two-lane bridge over the Fitzroy River constructed, after the existing bridge was critically damaged from flooding generated by ex-Tropical Cyclone Ellie.

Fast Facts

  • CLIENTMain Roads WA
  • LOCATIONKimberley, WA

Scope of works

  • Design and Construction
    • Highway bridges over Tickalara Creek, Frog Hollow Creek and Arthur Creek including guidebanks and approach road earthworks
    • Traffic barriers on the bridges, and design of road safety barriers at bridge approaches and departures
  • Demolition and removal of existing bridge at Arthur Creek
  • Earthworks at the approaches to the bridges
  • Waterways design for bridges over natural water courses
  • Rehabilitation of new materials pits