Newcastle Pedestrian Subway

Project Overview

Fortec was contracted by the City of Newcastle to perform safety enhancement works on the subway connecting pedestrians from Newcastle Beach to Telford Street.

This subway serves as an emergency access route during the Newcastle 500 Supercars Event.

Fast Facts

  • CLIENTCity of Newcastle
  • LOCATIONNewcastle, NSW

Scope of Works

  • Removal of the previous aluminum covering to expose deteriorated concrete
  • Breaking out and removing the damaged concrete
  • Treating corroded rebar, adding supplementary rebar
  • Reinstating the concrete with high-strength mortar
  • Affixing a stainless steel plate over the repaired area

A significant challenge faced during the project was managing construction dust to prevent it from affecting nearby businesses and residents. The work was scheduled from Monday to Friday, with the subway being reopened in a secure condition every weekend.


  • Prominent locale
  • The project was executed with a focus on safety and high quality outcomes