AQWEST Technical School Reservoir

Project Overview

Fortec was engaged by Aqwest to perform micro fine cement grouting works to a 79 million litre water tank as part of their Tech Reservoir Refurbishment Stage 3.

Tech Reservoir is Aqwest’s largest water storage reservoir and had a history of leakage.

Leakage of water came through voids in the limestone fill which necessitated pattern grouting across floor slab and batters to stabilise the foundation.

Fast Facts

  • LOCATIONSouth West, WA

Scope of Works

  • Setting up grout station with Chemgrout GG-600 Colloidal Mixer
  • Running grout hoses approximately 200m from mixer to point of discharge with return lines
  • Driving and flushing spears into ground
  • Injection of a fluid grout to produce a solidified mass, thereby filling voids and soft/loose zones underneath the floor of the reservoir
  • Reinforcing soil materials underneath the reservoir floor to form a pattern of grout columns
  • Providing watertight repairs to core holes drilled for grouting and investigation purposes
  • Grouting beneath roof support columns


  • Working in the restricted environment of a tank
  • By the completion of the project 85,000 litres of microfine grout injection and 7,500 of GP grout injection had been installed