Windan Bridge

Project Overview

Fortec were engaged by Main Roads WA to complete the Guardrail Protective Coating, Expansion Joint Replacement and Pier Bearing Protection on Windan Bridge in East Perth.

Fast Facts

  • CLIENTMain Roads WA
  • LOCATIONEast Perth, WA

Scope of Work

  • Replace Protective coating on LHS and RHS Guard railing
  • Replace Protective coating to Bridge Bearings on Abutments and Piers.
  • Replace Protective coating on Bridge 1324 Expansion Joint 2 (Western End).
  • Expansion Joint 2 (Western End) Crack Repair and Bolt Tightening.
  • Expansion Joint Compression Seal Replacement at Bridge 1324 Abutment 1 (Western End).
  • Expansion Joint Replacement at Bridge 1499 Abutment 2 (Eastern End).
  • Anchorage Cap Replacement.
  • Rock Protection Repair to Abutment 2.
  • Installation of Anti Dust Skirts to Pier Bearings.
  • Cleaning of PSP lighting.
  • Concrete Patch Repair